This section contains specific activities to work on different concepts for dealing with anger issues. These activities can be used with a variety of populations, such as children or adults in school settings, psychiatric settings, individual client settings, etc. These activities are designed to help the individuals understand when they are getting angry and ways to positively deal with their anger.  


"Hit The Road Jack": This activity uses a lyric analysis of the song "Hit The Road Jack" to learn and understand the idea of walking away or getting away from a situation that triggers the individual's anger. 

"Lean on Me": This activity uses lyric analysis of the song "Lean on Me" to learn and understand the idea of "leaning on someone" or venting to someone that the individual trusts to verbally express their anger in a constructive way. 

"Not Ready to Make Nice": Using the song, "Not Ready to Make Nice" by the Dixie Chicks, this activity uses lyric analysis to teach the idea that being angry is a natural occurrence. Go into a discussion about the natural occurrence of anger and ways to positively and constructively deal with that anger. 

"Before He Cheats": Use the song "Before he Cheats" by Carrie Underwood to discuss aggressive behaviors. This song can also be used to talk about what consequences can happen if they act out their aggression in a violent manner.

*You can do a session with any combination of these songs to teach multiple concepts at one time*



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Addison Lucas, MTI

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