Bonnie D. Harr (2010) explained, "While it has multiple uses and was initially offered as a stress-reduction tool, to date, I have used the Aroma Drum™ with chronically ill and / or dying patients (1) to fragrantly echo back the soft sounds of each heart beating in a circle of care; (2) as a 'talking stick', thereby inviting expression of feelings, facts and the depths of largely inexpressible truths, (3) for rhythmically pulsing shared unity of a group bound together in behalf of a patient or loved one who is chronically ill or dying; (4) to emit fragrances of healing and/or evoke memories of hope and wholeness (note:  more will be offered in this regard in subsequent writings and learning opportunities); (5) to provide ethereal images of 'beyond now' for guided reflections in the three dimensions of past, present and future; and (6) to simply create softer borders and boundaries between 'here and there' on life's journey."


Serenity Room: The Aroma Drum™ may be used within a special relaxation room.



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