An activity for a group of small to large sizes. All members of the group are given a boomwhacker or similar simple, single pitched instrument. Members take turns as the conductor, and point at other members of the group one after another to create a melody or even different harmonies.




Individuals with Physical Disabilities



A Boomwhacker per person


Building social skills through interaction,

Maintaining focus and engagement

Group cohesion

Impulse control

Building confidence

Practicing sensorimotor skills

Practicing motor skills



Allow each member of the group to select a boomwhacker (the more variety the better)

Line up all members in a straight line to ensure no one is within another's swinging motion

Point to members one by one to create a melody

Select someone else to stand in front of the group and 'Conduct'


Use both hands to point for faster melodies, or multiple voices

Allow people to use two boomwhackers

Perform with any pitched instrument

Perform with multi-pitched instruments


Yasser Atiya

James E. Riley, MT-BC

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