Clap Clap Clap Your Hands

original song by Lauren Morrow, MM, MT-BC

Chord:                      C                                                G7                              C

Scale degree:         3        3       3       4      5            3       3        2        2   1   1

Rhythm:                   1        2       3       +      4            1       +        2        +    3   4

Lyrics:                      Clap, clap, clap your hands.  Clap your hands to-gether (repeat)

Chord:                     F                                                    C                          F

Scale degree:        6        6        6          6   6#    1     6         6         5    4       4

Rhythm:                  1        +        2          3    +      4     1         +(2)    +    3       4

Lyrics:                     Raise your hands in   the   air.  Raise them  a - bove you (repeat)

Additional lyrics:

Stomp, stomp, stomp your feet.  Stomp your feet together. (repeat)                                                                Wiggle yoru feet down below.  Wiggle them beneath you. (repeat)

Shake, shake, shake your head.  Shake your head together. (repeat)                                                                    Shake your head side to side.  Shake it side to side.

Nod your head...

Wave your arms...

Suggested Use of Song:

Song was used with Kindergarten and preschool students.  Song functioned as an attention getter and movement song.  

Adaptions include singing fast or slow and letting the children choose what body part to move.  

Children freeze in place when the music stops and move again when the MT-BC begins playing.

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