Coat of Many Colors

“Coat of Many Colors” was written by Dolly Parton in 1969 (though it was not released until 1971.

Parton said that she composed the song while riding on a tour bus.  She had no paper and so drafted the song on the back of a dry cleaning receipt.  This receipt and the coat of which Parton sings, is now on display at the Chasing Rainbows Museum in Dollywood.

Of the thousands of songs Parton wrote, she claims “Coat of Many Colors” is the most autobiographical and her personal favorite.

“Coat of Many Colors” reached #4 in the Country Music Charts in 1971.

That year in America (1971):

The microprocessor was introduced.

The first floppy disk was created.

The gold standard for American currency was ended.

Cigarette ads were banned from T.V.

Native Americans were forced out of Alcatraz.

The Supreme Court rules that desegregation is constitutional.

CAT scans were invented

School House Rock first aired.

Charles Manson was convicted.

Debut of PBS.

Nasdaq debuts.

The Magic Kingdom in Florida opens its doors

That year in the world (1971)

NASA and Soviets send probes to Mars

Bangladesh was created.  George Harrison organized a benefit concert for Bangledesh which served as a model for benefit concerts in the 1980’s.

China joined the U.N.

South Vietnam and America invaded Laos

Disney World opened

The United Arab Emirates was formed. 

  Lauren Morrow, MT-BC  

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