Goal: Normalization, socialization, cognitive function

Materials: 5 little ducks illustration (I like using the book listed under 'resources' because it gives the child a good picture and can spark futher conversation between MT, child, and peers)


MT sings song while showing book to students.

Each time the number of ducks changes, MT and student(s) count the ducks outloud. 

Further interventions:

MT might ask students basic questions about the book (what color are the ducks? What color is the lily pad? Where are the ducks going? etc.)

MT asks student(s) to play a small instrument everytime the song says 'quack' for interaction and listening skills. 

In a group setting. MT shows book to all students and asks them to interact together by counting (either as a group or taking turns). MT might also give students small intstruments to play when instructed (each student could have their own, or they might pass around the instrument)


Raffi, Five Little Ducks:


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Laura Meehan