Fall Little Rain DropsEdit

Fall Little Rain Drops

original song by Lauren Morrow, MM, MT-BC

Chord:                       G

Scale degree:          1     5  5   6     5          3    5   6    5

Rhythm:                    1     2  +    3     4          1    2   3    4

Lyrics:                       Fall lit-tle rain drops, pit-ter pat-ter

Chord:                       G                                 D7        G

Scale degree:          1     5  5   6     5          3    2    1

Rhythm:                    1     2  +   3     4          1    2    3-4

Lyrics:                       Fall lit-tle rain drops, on the ground 

Suggested Use of SongEdit

This song was used in a weather unit for Kindergarten students. The students sat in a circle and a large gathering drum was placed at the center of the circle.  


"Fall little rain drops"... students lower hand to lap while wiggling fingers

"pitter patter"... students pat legs in alternating motion

"Fall little rain drops"... students lower hand to lap while wiggling fingers

"on the ground"... students tap both hands on legs 4 times with beat.

Call a few students to the drum.  Movements remain the same except students pat the drum instead of their legs.  Have children feel the vibrations of the drum.  Song can be use to introduce the concept of "making a storm" with instruments.  Playing the drum can be used to reinforce ontask behavior.

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