It Is Well With My Soul

It Is Well With My Soul” was written by Horatio Spafford and music by Philip Bliss.

It Is Well With My Soul” was inspired by personal tragedy in Spafford’s life.  In 1871, Spafford’s only son dies at age four.  After that death, the Great Chicago Fire devastated the area and put Stafford in financial ruin.  Three years later he intended to travel to Europe with his family.  However, due to delayed business, Stafford stayed behind while his family went ahead of him.  That ship sunk and Stafford’s family perished except for his wife.  Mrs. Stafford sent her husband a now famous telegraph, “Saved alone”.  Mr. Stafford traveled to meet his wife and in doing so passed the area at see where his children died.  It was there that he was inspired to write the lyrics to It Is Well With My Soul”.

The Georgia Southern University plays It Is Well With My Soul” a the end of every football game.

Lauren Morrow, MT-BC

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