Create CD Albums by allowing patients to decorate a cover and list memories from their lives as music tracks.

Activities Edit

Pass out templates for CD covers and CDs. Instruct patients to cut out the CD cover and decorate the cover. On the back, instruct them to choose 7 memories for musical tracks and choose 3 future events that they hope to happen. They should have at least 10 tracks when finished.

Allow them to share their CDs aloud with the group and what kind of music they feel represents their album. Once everyone who wishes to share has done so, process with the group: Was it difficult or easy to narrow down your life to 7 major events? How do you feel about the album you've created? Do these memories define you, or can the music of life change? 

Materials Needed:

  • Paper Templates(see links below)  
  • Coloring pencils/markers  
  • Scissors  
  • Gluesticks (to put the paper CDs inside the cover)  

Resources Edit

Link to CD Covers: [here] Edit

Link to CDs: [Here] Edit

References Edit

Further Reading Edit

Contributors Edit

Stephanie Geare, MT-BC

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