Jeopardy is a classic trivia game show. You can use this to structure your own music therapy sessions or music trivia games!


Music Jeopardy: Prepare a wall chart of flashcards organized by genre into columns. Teams compete for points by being the first to Name-That-Tune!, name the artist, to complete unfinished lyrics, sing the chorus, or some other population apropriate challenge. Everybody continues singing through to the end of each song.

Music Trivia Jeopardy: Choose appropriately challenging Music Trivia and present in a fun Jeopardy strucutred format.

Topical Jeopardy: Presents questions or conversation prompts.

ResourcesEdit lets you make interactive electronic Jeopardy games for free, available on-line.

Musical Jeopardy! PDF published by music therapist Rachel Smith.

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James E. Riley, MT-BC