Similar to Name That Tune! in structure, Music Trivia challenges teams to answer trivia questions on music and pop-culture.


Music Trivia with Playlist: Use the questions from under resources (you can make the questions multiple choice to make it easier) or any music trivia quesitons appropriate for your group. Pair the questions with a playlist with a song per question (i.e. if the answer is Elton John, have one of his songs to go with that question). You can have the group in teams or not, but use the paired song as a way to hint the group(s) if they get stuck. The song can also be used as an additional game. For example, following the Elton John answer, the question paired with the song can be "What is the name of this song?" Or stopping it just before the chorus and asking "What is the next word(s)?"

ResourcesEdit Plethora of user submitted, various length quizzes that may be timed but are also available in HTML format and easy to copy down. Between questions are fun facts and explanations. I like such sub-categories as “Something in Common,” in “Music Mixture,” which easily lend themselves to conversation. Customizable level of difficulty, music genre, and number of questions. Questions are timed. User submitted ten question quizzes that allow you unlimited time to copy down the questions. Quick, printable lists of straight forward questions and answers. Answers are well written and come with interesting notes.


James E. Riley, MT-BC

Addison Lucas