Population:  Children, Adolescents

Materials:  6 Auxiliary instruments, pieces of paper numbered 1-6, stopwatch, musical relay question/answer sheet


·      Feeling identification

·      ID coping skills (negative/positive)

·      ID anger channel

·      ID leisure activities

·      Positive self-statement/self-esteem

·      Social interaction


Set up the numbers 1-6 in order and place an instrument in front of each number. Each pt. will go through the relay by playing each instrument the number of times indicated by the paper. Before moving on to the next instrument, the pt. must answer a question from the musical relay question sheet. The MT will record the answers as well as their time. Each pt. will go through the relay three times and attempt to decrease their time.

In between pt. turns, take time to discuss answers to the questions—especially ones pertaining to their individual goals.

In between rounds, discuss what steps it will take/took to improve their time.

Variation:  At the end of the activity, complete attached goal activity sheets.

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