Population: Children, Adolescents

Materials: Question list (see attached)


·     Impulse control

·     Anger channel

·     Coping skills

·     Getting to know you

·     Concentration


1.    Start the rhythm Pat Pat Clap (quarter quarter half)

2.    The object of the game is to keep the rhythm going while passing “attention” to each pt. Each pt. must say their name before passing it to another person.

3.    Begin by teaching the game with each pts name.

¨   Bob: “Pat pat your name (Bob) à Pat pat someone else’s name (Sam).”

¨   Sam: “Pat pat Sam à Pat pat Pam.”

¨   Pam: “Pat pat Pam à Pat pat Bob.”

¨   Etc.

2.    When a mistake is made, the pt. who made the mistake must answer a question from the list.

3.    Discussion:

¨   Was this game easy or hard? Why?

¨   What did you have to do to be successful at this game?

¨   What were the easiest questions for you to answer? What were the hardest?

Variation: Instead of names use an animal sound and coordinating movement. (i.e. “Pat pat elephant sound”)

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