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Pictograms are graphic pictures used to convey meaning. We see these symbols everywhere: Bathroom signs, recycling symbols, information diagrams, street signs, etc.


Pictogram Rock Posters are great for challenging your patients' (individual or setting team vs. team!) memory of famous songs by several well known artists. Then, you can turn this Music Game into an Art Project by creating their own pictograms of preferred music, interests, coping skills, leisure skills, or whatever topics you need to explore, have expressed, discuss, or educate.

Pictograms can be used to express a story, as well. You can have patients draw sequences of pictures to communicate events or feelings. Work together to create visual representations of future action steps. Pictures can tell a story, or try using Calligrams to create pictures from words.

Pictogram Reminders can be made to highlight specific behaviors patients should practice or avoid. A sign can be posted at home to remind patients to brush their teeth, or a picture negated with the red circle and slash can be made to remind patients about the consequences of maladaptive behaviors.


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James E. Riley, MT-BC