Rain Storm is a great improvisation application to use with group sessions, used primarily to help clients discuss their social roles.


Topic: Role in Groups

Objective: To identify the role a client plays in their peer groups.

Main application in session: Referential Improvisation on Rain Storm (lay out instruments and have client pick what they're drawn to). Briefly discuss how it will sound (beginning - middle - end). Faciliate the Rain Storm improvisation. Guide the group to reflect on their improvisation experience, and ask for descriptiona/qualities of each element (e.g. rain is nurturing to earth, gentle, sometimes torrential; thunder-loud, strong, full, scary,etc).  Ask what part of the rain storm each person relates to the most, and why. Relate this to their role in music therapy groups.  Ask each client to choose a different part to play in rain storm and improvise again.  Discuss differences.  Encourage clients to try playing different roles in groups that day. What would it take to be "rain" - gentle, encouraging others to grow, supportive or be "thunder" -have strong , clear voice, fearless, etc.?



Further ReadingEdit


Gloria Stearns-Bruner

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