Rap and Hip-Hop can be used in therapy by listening and discussing, performing, creating, or improvising. This is a field sure to help relate and build rapport with a younger demographic. Rap can free the therapist from the constraints of MadLib style music activites and allow the free open answers from Patients. It should be noted that freestyle rapping should only be done knowing how the patients will handle free style and after the patient understands inappropriateness will not be allowed.


Freestyling: On guitar, piano, or a drum machine (or anything that has a beat) play a chord progression and allow the individual to freestyle. You can use a popular rap song chord progression and use the chorus section to structure the song. For example, Niki Minaj's Super Bass has a simple chord progression that can be used for freestyling and a short chorus section to structure the individual's freestyling.

Tablet ApplicationsEdit

Epic Rap Battles: A model after the youtube sensation, a way to build quick rapport with younger patients, and a new avenue of expression for young adults.

Free Style: Links to youtube backbeats to be used with free style rapping. No video will have words, only the instrumental tracks will be linked.

ResourcesEdit A simple fill in the blank "old school rap."   



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