Entrain the body to breathe over specific intervals of time, or use general breathing activities for relaxation. Music cues the rhythmic pattern of inhalation, breath holding, and exhalation.


Breath Counting: Patients who are comfortable with the group and the MT-BC may also close their eyes, breathe naturally, and count the number of cycles. It is suggested to count the exhallations up to five, before always starting over at one.

Melodic Breathing: Guide inhales with ascending music, and exhallations with descending music. On a guitar, it is easy to begin with an open E chord, then breathe in up through F#m, G#m, A, and hold the breath while strumming B or B7, then descending through the same chords while breathing out.

Rhythmic Breathing: Prepare music whichsomehow resembles breathing in, holding, and exhallation to play on loop. Patients learn a relaxation response as their bodies entrain to the music's guiding cadence. You may choose to slow the music down over time.



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James E. Riley, MT-BC