March 17th honors the Patron Saint of Ireland who brought Christianity to Ireland. However, this holiday can be a good opportunity for us all to celebrate our own history, ancestry, traditions, and customs.

Activities Edit

Pot of Gold: Children can cross the rainbow (have a colorful mat or make one out of colored paper) any way they can (walk, skip, roll in a wheelchair, crawl) until they reach the end where they put their gold into the pot. Children go one by one down the rainbow as the rest of the group sings or signs along to Somewhere Over the Rainbow. You can keep the original lyrics or change them pertaining to the task at hand i.e. "Somewhere across the rainbow (name) has to go" If your rainbow is flexible change it into different shapes to increase motor function/problem solving skills (if applicable). Make adaptations and modifications as necessary. 

Holiday SongsEdit

The Road to Sligo-The legacy Jig by Joanie Madden

Dear Old Donegal by various artists 

All the best from Ireland Album

Johnny Jump Up Morrison's Jig by Gaelic Storm

Drink the night away by Gaelic Storm

Cockles and Mussels by Slainte 

If I ever leave this world Alive by Flogging Molly 



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James E. Riley, MT-BC

Jenn Manno, MT