February 14th is a day for love and lovers, but is also a special reminder to cherish the friends, family, and all of the special people in our lives. Make cards, share chocolate, and be happy!


Will You Be My Valentine?: Hand out individual valentines to all of the children in the group, with either "Hugs," "Blow a Kiss," "Wink," or "High-Five" written. Sing a song, such as "Will You Be My Valentine?" (Silberg, 1989, p. 90), then at the end of a phrase, select a student to stand up and choose a partner to be their valentine and perform what is written on their card.

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File:Love Songs Music BINGO.pdf  This special colleciton of love songs is ready to print out and put to music for a special Valentine's Day game of Music Bingo!


Silberg, "Miss Jackie." (1989). My Toes Are Starting To Wiggle! And Other Easy Songs For Circle Time. Overland Park, Kansas: Miss Jackie Music Company.

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